I went to the office as I had planned ….. but only for 10 minutes. 😀

I only came to pick up the fax my contact sent me, took one look at the illegible handwriting on that fax and decided … screw it… I’m goin’ home.

I mean, I gotta make sure I can actually READ and UNDERSTAND the fax before attempting to call him. I sent him a loooong sms telling him that I need more time to decipher the Da Vinci’s code his writing.

If I wasn’t at the office, then where was I?

Having fun picnicing with boyfie and cousins at Ulu Yam where there is absolutely no mobile phone connection. Ah…bliss…

We left Shah Alam around 8.30am and convened at two places, first Ikea and then somewhere near Batu Caves. There were 18 of us in four cars.

I’ve never been to Ulu Yam. I’ve only heard of the place until today. I always imagined that it was somewhere near Ulu Selangor. Turned out that it’s after Gombak. Once we passed Gombak, the journey there was calm and picturesqe. There was so much greenery, we immediately felt calm.

I had imagined that there would be a lot of people there already. But it wasn’t too crowded and we did get a good spot where the water was deep enough to swim properly. Someone brought a hammock, so we turned it into this swinging rope for us to Tarzan-dive into the water.

Here’s something ironic. I’m a Piscean but I cannot swim and consequently is afraid of water. I hate so much how it stings the mouth and nose when we accidentally “inhale” water.

So, for someone who’s very paranoid about drowning, it’s a pretty big deal to swing by a rope and plunge into a waist-deep water. But I did it, I swung off a rope twice I consider that quite an accomplishment.

I feel quite pleased with myself too because I was able to do a bit of reading for my article when I was there. I spent the first two hours reading and then I joined in the fun. It was only fair that I rewarded myself a little. I had … well… fun.

I seem to be spending much more time with them than with my own family, don’t I? Actually, my parents were here yesterday and they left for Perak about an hour before I left for Ulu Yam. If they were staying for the weekend, I would have stayed at home with them. But since they have gone home, I took boyfie’s invitation to come to Ulu Yam.

Hanging out with boyfie’s cousins doesn’t feel strange. I get along well with them because they are such fun, quirky people. Hanging out with them feels like hanging out with Princess or Mspillay… basically good company.

So, can u blame me for sticking to them like Super Glue?

I’ve had my fun today so tomorrow’s a day to “concentrate” on work. Oh well…


2 thoughts on “Hahahaha”

  1. Woo, how fun! Just wanted to let you know that I have posted the gift to you…it should get to you in 10 days. It’ll need someone to sign it though!

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