If you have ever played the game Taboo, you’ll know why I absolutely love it.

AreYouGame.com describes the game quite well.

“Here’s truly unspeakable fun! You’ve got to think fast, talk fast and avoid saying TABOO words. If your team shouts out the correct secret word, you get a point. But be careful! Your opponents will be looking over your shoulder, making sure you don’t say any of the TABOO words. If you do and they catch you, they sound the buzzer and score the point!”

I am by no means good at it. In fact, I am a lousy Taboo player. I don’t talk or think fast.

I know games are supposed to make you relax and foster the spirit of a “good sport”. But playing Taboo stresses me out. I am reminded of my weakness every time I play the game with my friends who happen to be Taboo pros because they’ve been playing it for at least a year. Even my boyfriend is good at Taboo and he discovered the game later than me!

Boyfriend says that the secret to winning in Taboo is to create scenarios when you’re giving clues. I knew that all along but my problem is not being able to think on my feet. I guess my brain is still on Pentium 2 or less.

My next Taboo game is in Kalumpang at the picnic by the sungai with boyfriend’s family during the CNY holidays.

I feel the pressure already…Must start practising from now… 🙂

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