Snobbish bookworms

Whenever I read Sunday Star, I never fail to read Daphne Lee’s book reviews and her column, Tots To Teens.

She has introduced me to a lot of titles which I otherwise would not even consider reading. Also, I find that her reviews are straight-forward and no -nonsense. Her reviews are useful to a booklover-on-a-budget like me to make an informed decision and not blow my cash on a book that I would later regret buying.

Today, she wrote a review on So Many Books, So Little Time by Sara Nelson. I’ve never read this book, although I have seen it in Kinokuniya, before but I’m sure Lee has good reasons to say that author Nelson has a “tendency to judge people by the books they read”.

I’d hate to have a snooty book lover like Nelson inspect my bookshelf. I dread having someone like her look at my collection of books – The Shopaholic series, Lemony Snicket’s, Adrian Mole’s – and think of me as “ditzy”.

I adore these books because they make me laugh and put me in a good spirit. I’d love to broaden my book list but when you’re on a tight budget like me, you can’t afford to buy books that bore you to death.

I’m sure Harry Potter fans will be shocked to know that I still have some Harry Potter books which I haven’t even touched. I admire JK Rowling for her imagination but I have to confess that I can’t bring myself to finish some of her books. They’re very simple and straightforward yet somehow, a pain to complete. It doesn’t help that I am such a slow reader and am impatient. I’m considering giving them away for free. Serious!

I experience the same problem with Stephen King’s books. I wonder if anyone else shares my sentiments?

Not that I can’t handle “serious” books. I’ve tackled titles like She Comes Undone (Wally Lamb) and Lovely Bones (Alice Sebold) and I love both books. But of course, they come highly recommended by Oprah and I think that’s part of the reasons why I enjoyed them so much.

I can think of one book which I finished but didn’t think too highly of. It’s I’m A Believer by Jessica Adams. It was okay but it didn’t make me a believer of Adams’ other works. Now that I have discovered The Shopaholics series, I don’t think I’m ever going back to Adams.

I also read Deborah Wright’s Under My Spell, a book which I brought with me to Japan. I spent two months there and it’s been over six months since I got home and I’m still at page 341 out of 454. Will I ever finish this book? I doubt it. Wright’s spell never did work on me. I’m even contemplating giving it away to a friend. Hope she finds it enchanting.

I also bought a book by Siri Hustvedt entitled “What I Loved”. I don’t know what possessed me to pick this one up because the font is awfully small – not good for a half-blind person like me – and the plot is all over the place. This is another one which will end up in “donate” box.

If anyone out there is interested in getting in these books, let me know. I’m also up for book swapping. I welcome the following books:

1. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events book 4 onwards.

2. Sophie Kinsella’s Can You Keep A Secret, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan, Shopaholic & Sister.

3. Sue Townsend’s Adrian Mole series (except The Secret Diaries of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4 and Weapons of Mass Destruction) and other books.

4. Wally Lamb’s This Much I Know Is True

5. Alice Sebold’s Alice

6. Judy Blume’s non-young adult books

7. Other titles that you think I’d be interested in…


1 thought on “Snobbish bookworms”

  1. I can understand what you mean re: Harry Potter books. I had great difficulty finishing book five because I found it really ‘heavy’ compared to the earlier ones. The main reason I did was because I needed to know what the frigging prophecy was! 🙂

    Rowling’s style is getting heavier and I hate to think what book six will be like. These are the some of books I never finished: Stranger in a Strange Land – Robert A. Heinlein, An Incredible Lightness of Being- Milan Kundera and Veronika Decides To Die – Paolo Coelho. Tak larat.

    Ooh, my mum wants me to buy Lovely Bones for her.

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