I’m curly again!

When I went back to my hometown Tg T last weekend, the first thing I did when I arrived was pay my hairdresser a visit.

The hair saloon is very retro, reminiscent of a hair saloon in the early 1980s. For RM17, I get a haircut, my hair shampooed, my head and neck massaged and then (my hair) styled.

I came home because my kak ngah was getting married that Sunday. She’s in her 40s and she married a married man (with the first wife’s consent of course). There was no big kenduri with big tendas (tents). My parents are thinking of having that in March. So for the akad nikah, we had only a small gathering for the family and a few close family neigbours.

I didn’t get the hair cut for that occasion. Rather, I desperately needed to get rid of the (straight) ends of my rebonded hair. It was straight but also very brittle. I was starting to look very ridiculous with half straight, half curly locks. I looked like I was sporting a mullet.

Now, I have curly, shoulder-length hair. Not exactly the look that I want to have but I have to make full use of the texture that I was born with.

It’s funny how my natural texture needs more work than my “straight” hair. With my rebonded hair, I could just wash-and-go. But now, I’d be crazy to think that I can do that.

I’ve tried it and it’s (literally) not pretty. I look unkempt and very unprofessional.

But I have sort of figured out a way to keep my hair under control. I bought Pantene’s Get It Straight hair mousse to apply to my hair when it’s damp. I wash my hair at night and keep it air dried. In the morning, I would spend about 10 minutes (or less) iron-straightening it.

Even then, I’ll only be able to get Anuar Zain’s wavy but controlled hair rather than Avril Lavigne’s shiny stick straight mane.

But I’m not complaining. It could be worse. Shirley Temple-worse.

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