Baby names

We all have favourite baby names right?

Me? I grew up wanting to name my children Sabrina, Sarah and Saifuddin. For proper English names, I have always adored Audrey and Alicia.

Sabrina because I love Sabrina the teenage witch. *Snigger*.

Sarah because it’s such a classic but modern name. It exhudes elegence and simplicity at the same time.

Saifuddin because I like the sound of it. I could call my boy Saif for short, which is so cute. The name conjures images of a heartthrob, an intelligent boy with a lot of wisdom.

So, imagine my shock when I discovered that boyfie’s two sisters have Sabrina and Sarah in their names. Spooky!

If I marry boyfie, would it be weird if I still name my children Sabrina and Sarah? It would be cute to name them after their aunts but it’s a bit odd isn’t it?

Guess I better start looking up more baby names…


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