Finally, I can breathe

Princess went to McD’s for lunch today with Ramblingings and she got me a strawberry sundae in a cup. When she came back to the office, I was still in the photo room searching for pictures to be used with some of the articles for this week’s pull-out.

When I was done at the photo room, about 30 minutes later, of course my sundae had already melted. Thank God it was in a cup.

I asked her how much I owe her but she refuse to tell. She says it’s her treat because she knows I’m very stressed today. God, do I look it? I guess I do.

My mood is quite transparent. If I’m happy, it shows on my face. So, if I’m stressed out, I suppose my face shows it too. Yesterday, even my hair gave out stress signs.

Mahsih, who sits very near to me told me that my hair made me look like as if I’ve been working very hard. That’s mahsih speak for “your hair looks a mess, girly”.

But my hair was in unruly yesterday. But today, I have it in a loose bun with the ends sticking out in an attmept to project an image of calmness. I don’t think it’s really working. But at least my hair is in better control compared to yesterday.

I feel a little bit better now, having sent in all of my own stories. I gather feng has read through them. If he hasn’t, he wouldn’t have left the office already. I think one of the reasons I’m quite calm today is because of him. He was calm and not harrassing me for my stories. So therefore, I was able to work better.

I wish all bosses would have this kind of calmness all the time. Life would be less stressful that way. I think.

But too bad I cannot celebrate my victory to meet my deadline with boyfie. He has to go to Jinjang to get some new utensils for his restaurant and therefore is unable to pick me up from work. I have to go home with my brother.

That’s why I’m still here at the office even at 7.20pm, nearly 12 hours after I clocked in. Can anyone be any more lifeless than me….? Sigh…


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