Excuse me…but if I may…

I came across this blog when I was doing a search on Juara Lagu 19.

The latest entry on this blog reviewed N*ng’s recent special with RTM. My brother Sh@m actually called me the day RTM taped the show to know whether I will be N*ng’s back-up singer.

I had no idea what he was talking about but I told him that N*ng surely has her own people to do back up singing for her. She’s a professional singer after all.

Anyways, I was quite glad to read Mal*que’s review of N*ngs performance and songs here but let me just direct your attention to the important bits…

Like his review of N*ng’s first single from the Erti Pertemuan album, Bebaskan.


Vokal Ning cukup dengan ramuan versatilitinya. Oleh itu, lagu ini boleh dibentuk improvisasinya dengan lenggok-lengok yang serba cantik lagi menjadi. Mendayu dan penuh sentimental.

With all due respect to Ning, I think I should take credit for some of that lenggang-lenggok yang serba cantik too, since I sang the song first and she got some pointers from moi! hehehehehe….

Tu je lah nak cakap… 🙂


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