Men in mags

My friend, Sh@h works for eh!

I never thought that Sh@h would land a writing job. He always strikes me as the A&R sorta person. But maybe I’m too used to seeing him in that role.

But Sh@h’s very passionate about writing – lyrics and poems – so I guess it was matter of time before he made the big leap and become, well, a full-time (magazine) writer.

BTW, this is his 3rd job since he got back from France recently. Sh@h’s been a bit of a job hopper. Only because he’s been looking for the right job which pays right, too. I don’t blame the guy. If you speak French and you did your Master’s degree in French, wouldn’t you want a well-paying job, too?

Well, anyways, Sh@h’s been (ab)using some of our male friends as his “subjects”. Apparently, he has subjected An3n to an interview and made him pose for a pix with his very posh 2-seater sporty toyota. With his shaven head, and the right clothes, I’m sure An3n will look very attractive to female (and male) readers.

An3n’s story’s coming out in this month’s issue.

Just minutes ago, Sh@h rang boyfie. He wants boyfie to answer some questions and appear in the magazine’s forum column – not to pose in front of his beat up Kancil, thank God for that!

Don’t think boyfie has given Sh@h an answer yet. Whatever he decides, I’ll be behind him 100%. It’s fun to spot someone you know in a magazine. If he chooses to do it, it’ll be a topic with his family for months… 😛


1 thought on “Men in mags”

  1. hi suzie,
    thanks for mentioning my blog in your previous post 🙂

    back to the topic, yeah. mmg big news 🙂 last december, my sis was appeared in Wanita magazine. She called me straight away and urged her big sis to buy & have a look. Unfortunately, i was so damn bz and couldnt rush to buy one.

    just hoping she keeps a copy for me 😛

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