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Tsunami in Feringghi area

A friend forwarded me a video (file name: tsunami128.wmv) recorded by a Kantonis speaking couple on Feringghi beach.

The video began with the couple admiring the unusual wave. On screen, you can see a man in swimming trunks standing very close to the shore. I think he wanted to have the best view of the wave.

As the first wave came, the man in trunks began backing away. The first wave was mild and I believe the man was still standing then. The second one was equally non-threatening but was stronger, enough to push those by shore closer to land. In this scene, you can see that the man was struggling to get on his feet.

The third wave was the tallest and thus the worst. It came totally unexpected and completely engulfed the man as well as flooding the dry area where the Chinese couple were standing. The couple and other bystanders ran to safety.

You can also see a lady in tudung walking towards the beach, instead of walking away from it. Perhaps she saw someone in need of help and was trying to come to that person’s aid.

I don’t know what became of her because the video stopped there. But I think the man in swimming trunk was swept away. I seriously doubt he survived.



Suziemclean is a Piscean who can't swim. She is 40 and married to a wonderful (younger) man who makes her laugh, and finds her corny sense of humour "endearing". She lives with her husband, family and cat in Shah Alam.

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