What do they say about early birds?

I clocked in at 7.20am today. I was even earlier than the cleaners. Hahaha!

I’m not some perverted person who takes pleasure out of being the first person in the office. No sir. I can’t take credit for that because I wasn’t the earliest person in the office. The office boy was already distributing newspapers to the bosses by the time I came in.

I could see from his face that he was surprised to see me there.

Actually, I came in extra early to beat a sub. I owe him a couple of stories – none of it is mine, though. I wasn’t ready with the pictures and corrections by the time he came to my desk at 5.15pm.

Sensing that I was about to hyperventilate, he quickly told me to “take it easy and just have everything ready on (his) table by tomorrow morning”. I would have stayed back and finish everything up if boyfie hadn’t come on time to pick me up from work.

But thank God for boyfie who works in a restaurant and has to clock in by 7.30am. If I can’t stay late, I can always come in early. And so I did. Boyfie picked me up at nearly 7.10am and dropped me off in front of the office.

As soon as I came in, I switched on the PC and got cracking. I fetched some stories and prepared the pictures to go along with them. I got everything ready on the sub’s table by about 8.30am.

As I was looking for pictures of some American university libraries to go along with an article about Google, I realised that the story had been used previously. I noticed the printer icon on the top right of the picture in our system. Whenever the symbol appears, that means the picture has been downloaded and most likely been published. So I did a little check and sure enough, it was used. Arrrgggh…!

Thank god I found a replacement in a ST story. All I have to do is find a picture for it. I found something remotely related but decided to try again. Not much luck. “I better quite and stop wasting my time on this minuscule thing,” I told myself. So I did and just captioned the first picture I found. End of story.

Throughout the day, I was half expecting that the sub would pop by my desk and pass me some proofs. But it didn’t happen.

When I left the office, I noticed that his chair was empty and his terminal shut off. He must have left at 6 sharp.

I’m pretty sure he’ll be popping by throughout tomorrow. Sometimes I wish that he and other seniors would just leave me alone to finish my stories (read: to update my diary. hehehe). I’m really allergic to people standing behind my shoulders and breathing down my neck.

I must go now because my eyes are getting heavy and I need to wake up early tomorrow. That’s the price you have to pay for living 40 minutes away from the office. Hope tomorrow’s a better and productive day.


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